Strawberry Banana Smoothie Recipe Mcdonalds

Blend until smooth and combined. Place the strawberries and banana onto a baking tray then transfer to the freezer.

McDonald's Strawberry Banana Smoothie Recipe Yummly

Mcdonald's refreshing smoothie is easy to knock off at home in a blender with fresh bananas and boxed frozen strawberries that come in syrup.

Strawberry banana smoothie recipe mcdonalds. If you want to use fresh fruit, add ice to get a cooler and creamier drink. I did use regular yogurt instead of vanilla and it still came out good. We are now going to try to imitate the strawberry banana smoothie that has been one of the favorites at mcdonald’s for a long time.

Place the banana and the strawberries in a blender and top with ice. Ingredients in the strawberry banana smoothie. How to make mcdonald’s strawberry banana smoothie.

Put everything in your blender and mix. If you like your smoothie even sweeter, add another teaspoon or two. I also omitted the wheat germ because i didn't have that either and i also added fat free milk to make it a little thinner.

Let’s make macdonald strawberries banana smoothie together. Plain greek yogurt adds a bit of tartness. I use two heaping cups of fresh strawberries per one cup of yogurt and one banana.

Leftover shake can be frozen in pop molds or 5 ounce paper cups with popsicle sticks. Blend the smoothie for about 1 minute, until there aren’t any more chunks. Add just enough water until you get a sippable.

The mccafé® strawberry banana smoothie is made with the perfect combination of fruit purees and fruit juices, such as strawberry and banana, blended with creamy low fat yogurt and ice. A sliced banana a half cup; Once frozen, add the ice, greek yogurt, strawberries, and banana into a blender.

Sliced strawberries that is frozen about 10 ounces; Thaw out those strawberries before adding them and include some of the syrup when measuring. In our blender, we are going to place all our ingredients into our blender.

If it’s too thin, add some more frozen strawberries. Ice that is crushed only one cup; This strawberry banana smoothie recipe is quick, healthy and easy to make.

Adding two teaspoons of honey, maple syrup or white sugar will balance it out. Allow the strawberries and banana to freeze for at least 20 minutes. It may not be quite as sweet as the smoothie that you get at the restaurant, but it does taste remarkably similar.

Mcdonald’s strawberry banana smoothie is a 3 ingredient recipe. You will need banana slices, frozen sliced strawberries and crushed ice to make this smoothie. Just take a blender and blend the three ingredients until smooth and creamy.

Our mccafé® strawberry banana smoothies are made with refreshing fruit purees and juices. I tried this recipe today and it was good. It really doesn’t get any easier than this recipe.

Our strawberry banana smoothie is available in small, medium and large on the mccafé® menu. Set the blender to high and blitz for 1 minute until thick and smooth, taste and add extra sugar to your preference. To thin it out, add a bit more milk and blend again.

Ingredients for mcdonald’s smoothie recipe: You are going to be extremely surprised by how simple this recipe is. How do i make this smoothie recipe?

Remember that at mcdonald’s they use frozen fruit puree so if you want to achieve the same thickness of your smoothie, use frozen strawberries and/or banana. You can find the frozen strawberries in your freezer section, they are often sold near the frozen fruit. I used fresh strawberries and bananas.

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