Smoothie Recipes With Greek Yogurt And Almond Milk

Almond milk can be swapped with any other type of milk or milk alternative; Start with the solid or frozen ingredients on the bottom and add your liquids on the top.

Clean smoothie almond milk, greek yogurt, seeds, frozen

We just take almond breeze almondmilk and blend it with real bananas.

Smoothie recipes with greek yogurt and almond milk. Most of the smoothie recipes below call for about 1/2 cup greek yogurt for 2 small servings. This smoothie is packed with protein from greek yogurt and. Add the frozen fruit smoothie ingredients into a blender, but reserve half of the cashew milk.

Greek yogurt is thicker and makes for a creamier smoothie, but you can substitute plain yogurt if that’s what you have. High protein greek yogurt smoothie. ½ cup vanilla greek yogurt ( i like greek gods honey vanilla)

I made this a greek yogurt smoothie with banana, but if you prefer to. Then, toss in your strawberries, blueberries, greek yogurt, and. Breakfast should be simple, yet delicious and this recipe for chocolate strawberry greek yogurt smoothie definitely covers both!

Almond milk, banana, strawberries, greek yogurt, protein powder fresh fig greek yogurt smoothie aggies kitchen honey, frozen banana, ice cubes, figs, greek yogurt Greek yogurt smoothie, no banana. Blend the smoothie ingredients until smooth, and pour in the remaining cashew milk slowly until.

How to make the best greek yogurt smoothies: Making this a peach smoothie with milk gives it the ideal consistency. 1 cup blue diamond almond milk (vanilla) 2 tb peanut butter;

Grab a high powered blender, and add your almond milk first (this is also when you should add spinach, if you’d like to include it). With half a medium sized banana in every serving, almond breeze almondmilk blended with real bananas is the perfect addition or replacement to your favorite smoothie. Adds natural sweetness and helps make the smoothie thick.

You can always add a bit more if you want to amp the protein. This will help everything blend. Chia and hemp seeds can be swapped for one another, or try flax seeds instead;

I chose to use unsweetened almond milk, but you. You can always add more! Substitute plain yogurt for greek if you like.

No added sugar and no artificial flavors. Add 1 scoop of your favorite protein powder.

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