Smoked Boston Butt Recipe Big Green Egg

Mounding herb butter on top of the breast, covering the bird with aluminum foil, and cutting a slit in the foil is the key to this recipe. The boston butt is a big piece of meat.

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It’s going to take some time to cook.

Smoked boston butt recipe big green egg. A fairly good thumb rule with butt is 1 1/2 hours per pound. Insert your thermometer probe into the thickest part of your pork butt. A boston butt, commonly known as a pork butt, is the upper portion of a whole pork shoulder.

Make sure to also have the place setter in place as we are cooking indirect. On the egg, place the pork butt (fat side up) on the grates with a piece of foil underneath to catch the juices. There is no need to baste or spritz a pork butt on a big green egg.

Remove boston butt from packaging and pat dry with paper towel to remove moisture. In a nutshell slowly cooking these tougher cuts of meat from overworked muscle groups turns the tough connective tissue. Once the internal temperature is 190°, remove the boston butt from the big green egg.

Let rest 30 minutes by wrapping in a towel and then placing in either an empty cool or in cool oven. Replace onto grill and continue cooking until you've reached an internal temperature of 190° f. Learning the art of “low & slow” on the egg will be an exciting skill to add to your repertoire.

Place the pork neck on the grid and close the lid. Apply mustard to the outside of boston butt and coat all sides with hot bbq rub. Season pork butt liberally on all sides with your favorite bbq rub.

Adjust the temperature of the egg to 225°f to 250°f. As i mentioned earlier, it’s extremely forgiving. Heat the smoker up to 250 degrees and place a chunk of apple wood on the smoker.

Set the egg for indirect cooking at 275°f/135°c using hickory and cherry smoking wood for flavor. You can cook this using a wide range of temperatures. Set up the conveggtor and place the grid inside the egg.

Pull your pork, add sauce (if desired) and serve. Fully open the draft door on the ceramic base of the big green egg, distribute three fire starters over the charcoal and light them. (4) pork butts (1) bag meat church honey hog rub;

Put pork butt on grill and. I am using an xl big green egg for this recipe, but any kind of smoker you can set up for indirect heat would work. Insert the meat thermometer into the meat.

Sprinkle the soaked wood chips over the glowing charcoal. Some people would put the meat straight onto the metal rack. Boston butt is a tougher cut of meat which contains a lot of fibrous connective tissue, which lends itself to being smoked low and slow on the big green egg.

Make sure you don't hit the bone. This should take 6 to 8 hours. It will do well with the big green egg running anywhere from 225°f to 275°f or beyond.

This can be done the night before and kept in the fridge overnight or done 2 hours before your cook. Shut your egg and don't open it again until you take your meat off. Lay out a big double piece of heavy duty aluminum foil and put the pork butt in the middle.

Attach the egg thermometer to the rack. Big green egg pork butt guide. Target temp to start at 240 degrees.

Add your boston butt to the big green egg. The pan holding the meat goes on the rack in the big green egg. Fire up the big green egg for the perfect thanksgiving turkey.

After injecting, you are ready to smoke. Place your pork butts on and let the smoking begin. It’s possible but difficult to mess up.

Put the butt in the egg and cook until the internal temperature is 160°f/71°c; Cooking for a long time at low temperatures slowly dissolves the fat and tougher tissue, and leaves the meat extremely tender.

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