Borax Ant Killer Recipe Cotton Balls

Stir well to make sure it’s completely mixed. · cotton balls · small plates or lids.

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Mix together a 3:1 ratio of sugar to borax.

Borax ant killer recipe cotton balls. Using shallow containers, jar lids, or squares of waxed paper to hold the soaked cotton balls, place the bait where you’ve seen the ants or think they’ll likely enter your home. Getting rid of ants with borax cotton balls. Add a little water at a time to create a paste like consistency.

How to make borax ant killer. Close the jar and shake it to mix the two effectively. Mix 4 teaspoons of borax or boric acid with 3 cups water and 1 cup sugar.

Another natural way to get rid of ants is to mix peanut butter with borax powder. To begin making your liquid borax ant bait recipe, follow these easy steps: Borax ant killer recipe supplies.

Check out the picture on the home page of this site. This recipe is only for both protein and sugar ants. Place the ant bait outside of home next to suspected ant entryways and ant hills.

Add them near doors, along window sills, directly where you see ant trails, and even on top of ant hills outside. Make this borax ant killer recipe by thoroughly combining any flavor of fruit jam with two tablespoons of borax. The sugar/borax solution can be used soaked in cotton balls and put into a jar with holes in the lid with a nail.

Dunk cotton balls in the solution. This nutshell version pales in comparison though to my. House ants fall prey to this trap easily.

It can be one of the most effective methods which can be taken to kill the ants and affect the colonies. Mix borax and sugar until well combined. In a nutshell, i mix approximately 1/3 borax, 1/3 sugar, 1/3 water and add a little syrup.

Mix sugar, borax, and warm water into a bowl and use a spatula to stir it until the sugar gets properly dissolved. Any ant can take it back to the colony. Collect all the ingredients in front of you.

Use a plastic knife to spread the mixture over pieces of cardboard. Next, mix a tablespoon or two of borax with half a cup of sugar until fully blended, and. Add the borax/sugar mixture to warm water and stir constantly until dissolved.

Warm up your water then stir in the borax and sugar. Soak cotton balls or wadded paper towel into the mix. Mix sugar and borax with warm water till dissolved.

This “food source” will be communicated only to that specific colony. Place the soaked cotton balls or paper towels near the holes where ants enters or gathers (these can be put into a shallow container, and plain sugar water can be put outside to lure the ants over, this is great, too ). Soak the cotton balls into the prepared mixture for a minute or two.

To this, add 2 tablespoons borax powder. Cotton balls may be used in place of bread. Dip a piece of bread into this mixture and dab on some peanut butter.

Use more or less water depending on the thickness you desire. Measure all the ingredients accurately. For the solid ant bait, mix the borax or boric acid in with powdered sugar (again i used 3/4 c sugar and 1/4 c of borax or boric acid).

To use this ant killer recipe, place a cotton ball or spray the sugar water anywhere you see ants. After shaking, open the jar and add warm water. Mix the solution until all particles have dissolved.

The ingredients required in the recipe are icing sugar, borax water, peanut butter, and bread and cotton balls. A simple homemade ant killer is prepared by dissolving 1 cup sugar in 1 cup of lukewarm water. Place it anywhere on any ant’s scent trail.

To make this liquid solution, you will require borax, sugar, and water, and then you will have to soak the cotton balls in this solution. I do not like making more than i need and you really don’t need to much. You can mix the borax with sugar water to kill the ants;

Soak cottonballs in the solution. The borax is the ant killer, while the sugar is the bait. Once the cotton ball is saturated, place.

I used 3 tablespoons of sugar to 1 tablespoon of borax. 1 cup of very warm water ½ cup of sugar 2 tablespoons of borax powder (found in laundry aisle) directions: Then mix in your borax or boric acid (i used 1/4 c).

Bowl and stirrer are the tools needed for this process. Keep this mixture near the mounds, preferably in a. Make sure they are covered in the paste.

Pretty soon you’ll see a little crowd of ants. Mix the borax and the sugar inside the jar. Here is what is needed to make the solution:

3 ingredient ant killer recipe.

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